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We strongly believe that in order to become a good equestrian you need to build a strong foundation first. This is why we offer horsemanship lessons as well as riding lessons  
Horsemanship Lessons

Horsemanship is the skill of caring and handling for horses both in and out of the saddle. Although a basic amount of horsemanship is covered in both riding lessons and EAL these lessons go much deeper. Lessons are tailored to your skill level as well as to what you desire to learn. From horse safety, grooming, tacking, and groundwork. We can cover all aspects of what it takes to be a good and responsible horse rider and owner.

We recommend this to anyone looking into getting into horses or just wanting to expand their knowledge.

Please contact for pricing.

Riding Lessons

We offer private outdoor riding lessons for beginner to intermediate riders. Use one of our trained lessons horses or contact us to inquire about lessons on your personal horse. Lessons will include safety, how to tack, basic horsemanship and of course how to ride. We teach people of all ages above 6yrs and riding abilities. Lessons are usually 60-90 minutes in length. For more information and to find the lesson plan best for you contact us to discuss. 


*At this time we do not normally offer Group Lessons. If you are interested, please contact us.*

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