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Animal Wellness

What is it?

Animal Wellness, most simply, is the practice of interacting with animals in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Animals can provide a sense of calm, safety, and regularity, often helping to divert attention away from stressful situations. As well as enhancing physical, emotional and social well-being, thus improving self-esteem, reducing anxiety and facilitating healing. This program will give you the option of interacting with a variety of friendly and well-trained animals, including dogs, cats, horses, goats, bunnies, and chickens. Bonding with these companions is a tested and proven form of mental and physical care that can significantly improve the livelihoods of those with various physical and mental health struggles. Animal Wellness is for all people of all ages.

What we offer?

Animal wellness sessions are completely unique to what you want to do and what you want to see come out of them. We offer a variety of options to choose from like painting, reading, games and more. Want to do your homework surrounded by animals? Stressed at work and need to decompress? Want to experience a bit of the farm lifestyle? Or have no goal and just want to spend some time with animals, Book an appointment and see where it takes you. Our animals are well-behaved, playful, curious, fun, relaxing, and love your companyHave something in mind and not sure if we offer it? Just ask!

We are more than happy to create the custom session best for you.

Reading with a buddy

Reading with a buddy is exactly what it sounds like. It is spending time reading with an animal of your choice. There is so many benefits to reading with animals for people of all ages.

Children learning to read are often hesitant about their reading abilities. However almost all kids feel more at ease when reading to animals. Reading to animals gives children the opportunity to read aloud freely without worrying about how they are doing or who is listening. It also gives kids the motivation to read more and get more practice than they would elsewhere

But it's not just for kids! Youths and adults also find more motivation to read when they get to do it with animals. The change in scenery plus presences of animals also helps create a much more relaxing and stimulating environment. 

Pick from our selection of books OR bring your own.

Contact us for more information on booking reading with a buddy!

Looking for sessions that focus more on developing key literacy skills? Check out our Horse Powered Reading program

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Meet some of our animals ! 

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